Tell Us your project, we will find the approach.
Some projects require several solutions at different stages.

From designing to production we can help with structure, partnerships and combined technologies.

FDM/FFF, FGF, SLS, SLA, SLM related projects.

Lateral thinking searching possibilities always tailored to your needs.

3D Design

Tell us your idea, and we will find a solution.

With an over 10 year experience, we offer bespoke 3D design solutions for a vast array of needs.

From product design to rapid prototyping, we give shape to your ideas.

Using the latest software programs and with a pushing design boundaries philosophy, we aim to provide our clients with fresh custom results

3D Printing on Demand

Provide us your design and we will print it.
From FDM/FFF, SLA, FGF (Pellets), SLS and SLM printing service in house to cutting edge 3D printing partnerships, we offer a vast portfolio of results.

Big prints to small, high detailed objects.
Small batches to production.

Whatever you require, we’ll find the right tool.

Testing & Validation

Within our 10 years of experience in 3D printing, we have tested and validated over 500 different formulations of materials.

Working closely with material suppliers, compounding companies and R&D centers, we helped them create and tweak their formulation to improve the printability, user experience and the performance of the 3D printed part.

After the testing procedure is completed, we generate a comprehensive report highlighting our discovery. 

These tests are usually carried out on Pellets, Filament and Resin 3D printers.