Grandparents’ statue – from photo to a 3D model to a 3D print

About the Project

As a special gift for the 93rd birthday of a grandmother from her kids and grandkids, we got requested to create two symbolic statues of the grandmother and deceased grandfather. 

We applied two different techniques for each statue. The grandmother was first 3D scanned. Afterwards, the 3D model was refined, increasing the details and prepared to be 3D printed. 

The statue of the grandfather was made by creating a 3D model from multiple photo’s and subsequently 3D printed.

We utilized SLA printing to reach a really high detailed print. Afterwards, each statue was filled with plaster to increase the weight. The final touch was a uniform paint finish. 

Manufacturing Techniques
  • SLA – Resin 3D Printing
  • General Purpose Resin
  • Paint RAL 9002
  • Plaster
  • Zbrush