Smart Home motion sensor – 3D Printed enclosure for PCB

About the Project

This serial production was commissioned by Everything Smart Technology. They focus on creating and producing innovative smart home devices.

After the development of the EP1 smart sensor was completed, Everything Smart Technology wanted to outsource the production of the PCB enclosure, utilizing 3D printing. Holit was selected to support the production.

After an initial testing of the correct 3D Printing condition, a sample was provided and approved by the customer. This was the green light to start an initial production of 1400 cases, that require 5 individual parts to be assembled for a total number of 7000 3d printed parts.

With the incredible success of the EP1, more production is planned for higher quantities.

Manufacturing Techniques
  • FDM/FFF – Filament base 3D Printing
  • White PLA Tough
Project Images